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      We are a couple of bartenders who love our craft and the spirits we are able to use in the process. We started our blog to track our findings and sites that we find helpful. We want to share our discoveries and opinions with those who share our passion for liquid libations. Bartenders, managers, and servers who are bandit approved write all of our blogs and provide articles and videos they find to be interesting. We hope to offer information that we find to be true in our daily experience with the products and tools we use. Along the way we would like to highlight stories and adventures had by people in our industry. If it has to do with the bar culture we want to write and share about it. Our sites and blogs are a work in progress and will grow with every passing day. Now if only we had an editor instead of a couple bartenders! IF YOU HAVE PRODUCTS YOU WANT US TO REVIEW OR SHED LIGHT ON PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO US AT:


Ginger Syrup Recipe - Imbibe Magazine

Ginger Syrup Recipe - Imbibe Magazine


Ginger Syrup
"This syrup from Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo, owners of Grub in Hollywood, Calif., is fantastic in cocktails, such as the Sleepyhead, but it also makes an out-of-this-world ginger ale. To make ginger ale, simply fill an ice-filled glass a third of the way with the syrup, top with soda water and a squeeze of lime, stir and enjoy.
2 cups unpeeled, washed, fresh ginger, roughly chopped
2 cups sugar
6 cups water
Process ginger chunks in a food processor or blender until finely chopped. Place in a large stock pot. Add sugar and water to the pot and stir. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer over medium-low heat and cook for one hour until a rich syrup is created. Strain the syrup twice through cheese cloth or a sieve into a large jar or bottle. Refrigerate.
Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo, Grub, Hollywood, Calif."

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